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A couple of months ago we launched a survey, mainly about the interest in Islamic Art and Social Media use.
During the survey we also asked some demographic questions: our aim was to understand our public. Who is interested in Islamic Art? What is his/her background? Where does she/he live?
Many questions, of course, were aimed at creating the prototype of ‘the one interested in Islamic Art’.

Now, we are starting to elaborate on the data we collected: here is the prototype of the one interested in Islamic Art.

Both men and women, of every age

SocialMediaSurvey - demographic_AGE-GENDERWhat emerged quite clearly is that the public that took part in the survey was not primarily one gender: men and women alike are interested in the subject.

As for the age, it is roughly the same situation: no age group is really predominant in the survey. It is true that the majority of those interviewed were between 20 and 40 years old, but with a closer look we noticed: 28% is between 21 and 30 years old, 27% is between 31 and 40 years old, 25% is between 41 and 55, and 19% is between 56 and 70. It is worth noticing that no one who took the survey was under 18 years old and only 2% is over 70.

From the old continent, non religious or muslims

SocialMediaSurvey - demographic_GEO-RELIGION

It appears from the answers of those interviewed that the majority lives in Europe (49%) followed by 23% living in North America.

What’s interesting is that the majority of those interviewed can be divided into two groups: Muslims (34%) and those that call themselves non-religious (31%). The religious preference is always tricky: 13% of the interviewees decided not to answer our question.
In any case, no one interviewed is Buddhist or Hindu or belongs to any other religion except the three monotheistic religions.


SocialMediaSurvey - demographic_EDU

The only homogeneous feature that emerges from the survey is the education level of those interviewed. The great majority has a university degree (50%) and some 13% has a PhD.

Who is interested in Islamic art?

The answer would be ‘everyone’. It seems that everyone is potentially interested in Islamic art. Everyone answering the survey declared that she/he is interested in some sense in the history of Islamic art and architecture or in its contemporary outputs.

Islamic art is popular, appealing everyone almost everywhere.

The next step would be: what does this variegated public actually know about Islamic Art?

The complete infographic of this article can be found here.

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