about IWA

IWA – Islamic World Of Art – is a brand-new digital-only, open access magazine on Islamic art and culture, fueled by pure passion. This magazine aims at promoting, spreading and sharing news on the best, but unfortunately less known, part of the Islamic world: its wide and amazing cultural and artistic output.

In these critical days, when the Islamic world is commonly associated with terrorism, wars and fundamentalism, we find it particularly important to raise a new and neutral voice which can give dignity to the beauty that comes alongside every Islamic society.

In each issue, we will try to give a detailed picture of the newest and oldest artistic trends and creations, the cultural environment and the state of art in the Islamic world.

We are ready to become a new source of information on the Islamic world of art and build a different perspective.

Which kind of Islamic art?
Islamic art is varied and different. The ‘unity in diversity’ paradigm has sometimes jeopardised the representation and reception of the art produced in the Arab-Islamic world. What we want to do is to set Islamic art in context, giving insights, thoughts and new points of view on the subject.

Are you ready to get on board?

our mission

Our mission is to spread knowledge on the history of Islamic art, a topic widely discussed but sometimes not fully understood.
We want to give everyone the chance to know more about the Islamic World of Art, with an open access format, plain language and a lot of images.
It is a magazine intended for a wide audience: you do not need to be an expert in the subject to enjoy reading it.

We believe that the discussion and the study of Islamic art should not be confined within academic walls, and that the knowledge needs to be shared and fully available. We are open to discussions, new perspectives and contributions.

the magazine

our backers

IWA Islamic World of Art has been possible thanks to the contribution of many people, around the world, that backed our crowdfunding campaign. The money we raised in the campaign will help us in the next months to finance the whole project and to develop new ideas.


Alessandra Pezza

Angelica Martinez


Andrea Maria Bertolazzi

Brooke Davies

Carlo Bello


Emiliano Lazzaroni

Giusi Cancellieri


Luigi Suppa

Maddalena Malanchini

Mario Gallini

Maria B


Martina Gallini

Massimo Panzi

Noemi Venturin

Raffaello Cuccuini


Silvia Valentina Patussi

We also would like to thank those backers who have expressed a preference to remain anonymous.

about the editors


“If you put up a wall, think of what’s left outside” (I. Calvino)

Born in Milan, but currently living in Amsterdam, I graduated with a MA thesis on the use of inscriptions in Iranian mosques. I am a researcher in Islamic art, with an insane love for inscriptions and Qur’anic texts. After having worked with a bunch of nerds I’ve started becoming aware of the digital world and its potentials. Currently I study, I have my own blog, and collaborate with online magazines and blogs on Islamic art. I want to break the wall dividing academic research and general knowledge: this is what IWA will be able to do. My motto: “If you put up a wall, think of what’s left outside” (I. Calvino)


“There is always something you don’t know that is worth learning”.

I was born in Milan, Italy, and soon enough I discovered my passion for books and communication. After earning a Master’s Degree in Middle Eastern Languages and Societies, I focused on publishing and I can reasonably consider myself as a publishing professional. I believe in the power of words and for me IWA is only one of the infinite possible ways in which human beings can conceive Islamic art and culture, especially nowadays. My motto is: “There is always something you don’t know that is worth learning”.