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Walls of Freedom. Street Art of The Egyptian Revolution

Walls of Freedom is a powerful portrayal of the first three years of the Egyptian revolution that began on January 25, 2011.The story is told through striking images that transformed Egypt’s walls into a visual testimony of bravery and resistance. Created in close collaboration with artists on the frontlines of the battle, the book documents how they converted the streets into a dynamic newspaper of the people, providing a much-needed alternative to the propaganda-fueled media. This comprehensive survey of iconic street art of the Egyptian revolution includes a chronicle of the day-to-day volatile political situation as it rapidly unfolded. Walls of Freedom traces the revolutionary journey from the early pinnacle of extraordinary hope and inspiration to its decline into today’s violent Orwellian nightmare. Haunting images of key events captured by acclaimed photographers and activists set the stage for this political drama. Enriched with essays by artists and experts across many fields, Walls of Freedom contextualizes the graffiti in the historical, socio-political, and cultural backgrounds that have shaped this art of the revolution.

Curated & edited by Basma Hamdy, Don Karl.
Foreword by Ahdaf Soueif Booker prize finalist, novelist, political & cultural commentator.

Walls of Freedom. Street Art of The Egyptian Revolution
A project by Basma Hamdy & Don Karl 
From Here To Fame Publishing
Publication date: March 2014
ISBN: 9783937946474
Hardcover, 240 full color pages, ca. 750 photos & illustrations
€ 34,95

Detail of The Battle Mural, second part, by Ammar Abo Bakr. Cairo, 14 October 2013.

Photo by Abdo El Amir.